ObamaCare Prototype Flops


Yes, we already knew RomneyCare was, as all government health care schemes always are, a complete boondoggle that made health care worse in the state of Massachusetts. Now I learn that the RomneyCare health care exchange (and website) have turned out to be complete flops, and are being abandoned…to push everyone onto ObamaCare.

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Taxpayer-Funded Illegal Alien Transportation Service


To say that the illegal immigration problem (as well as a lot of other problems) in our country has reached complete insanity levels…is an understatement.

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Is an Islamic Organization Islamic?


Is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) “Islamic”? Well, getting beyond the “DUH!” concerning an organization whose name begins with “ISLAMIC,” Andrew Klavan and the Revolting Truth examine this perplexing (for some, like our president, at least) question.

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Marxist ‘War on Poverty’ Wastes Trillions


Anyone who has been paying attention understands that the U.S. financial situation is beyond out of control. Not only are we over $17 trillion in debt, the latest figures show more than half of Americans are now on the take–via the federal government–from their fellow Americans, and a $22 trillion ‘war on poverty’ has done exactly zip to reduce poverty.

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Should Christians Be Politically Active?


Are some correct in their claim that Christians should not be politically active? This is a question with which many Christians have struggled, due to the lack of overt New Testament admonitions to do so. Yet how many Christians throughout history, inspired by the fire of God’s Word in their spirits, have stood firmly against evil actions by civil governments? Were they wrong?

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Confirmed: ObamaCare Covering Abortions


The GAO has released a report confirming what many of us knew back in 2010: ObamaCare facilitates abortion, despite President Barack Obama’s assurances to the contrary.

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George Washington Condemns the Modern GOP


As I was reading and reflecting on George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796 today, it hit me like a soft ton of bricks how prescient President Washington was some 218 years ago. He warned against and soundly condemned the behavior that has unfortunately become the very heart and soul of the “Republican” agenda today.

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